Today will be a short and sweet blog post, but a great one to read! Not only is this my personal opinion, but it has also been proven to be true. Often we get so busy with the duties of life that we forget to stop and take in our surroundings. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes a day in the sun can make a dramatic difference in a person’s health. The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful creation to look at and admire. It is refreshing to see the spring bring new life into the earth, and to hear the birds singing again!  This recent time change and warmer weather will make that even easier for all of us. Because we now have some extra daylight every day, get outside! Take a walk, plant some flowers, clean the gutters, paint the house, etc.

We are a real estate company, but overall our health is more important than anything else. I think there are times when we all take our health for granted, even if you are not in perfect health it is still important to thank the Lord for the health you do have and do what you can to take care of yourself. So take a minute today to walk outside, stop and smell the roses, and count your blessings!