Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make. It is important to find one real estate agent that you are comfortable with and stick with them throughout the entire process.

Many buyers move from website to website, contacting many different agents with homes listed for sale.  This is a time consuming process and prevents a buyer from establishing a meaningful relationship with an agent

More educated buyers will contact a single agent, give that agent their wants/needs in a home, and let that one agent provide information on  all homes for sale that meet their needs.  The buyers will only have to explain their housing needs and financial situation to one agent instead of each and every listing agent of every home they would like to see. Working with one agent can shorten the buying process and make the home search much more enjoyable. 

How can one agent be knowledgeable of every home for sale in a community?  Answer:  MLS

MLS or multiple listing service is a computer database into which all real estate agents enter their homes listed for sale.  The MLS allows agents to cooperate with one another in the selling of all homes in the community.  Through the MLS, any one agent can provide you information about any home for sale and assist you with the purchase of any home for sale. 

A good real estate agent will also provide you with additional information about the process of buying a home, closing a sale, financing a home, and the features of your selected neighborhood and community.

So, stick with one agent for a satisfying and successful home buying experience!