As the first of many blog posts to come, I thought it would be fitting to talk about why you should choose Crossway Realty. We are a new company established January 6, 2014. Many people may form a quick opinion that we are new and do not really know what is going on in the market right now, but this is a false assumption. As a new company we strive toward a higher standard of excellence than most other people or companies. We are motivated and dedicated to helping each client as if they were family. Because we are a new company, we are more ready and eager to get out in the community and get to work. We are also encouraged by the fact that we have the Lord on our side and we make every attempt to do as the Bible teaches, “do everything as unto the Lord”. Each one of us here challenge ourselves to talk to new people everyday and spread the word about our business, however, as we do this we can not forget to also take that opportunity to share about our Lord. He has already and will continue to bless this business as we give him all the praise for all that we have and have accomplished so far.

So why choose Crossway Realty? The back of each of our business cards state: “We are a Christian based real estate company that wants to bring glory and honor to God through our business. We try to serve like Jesus showed in His example. We have a unique way of doing business. We are not an ordinary real estate company that lists your property into the MLS and hopes someone actually calls to see it. We go way above and beyond the call of duty to get your house sold ASAP! We are Pro-active! Don’t settle for anything less! We deal in residential, commercial and agricultural markets. We also offer property management services for landlords of all types. Let us work for you today! God Bless!